Super Audio Spectrum

*SEIZURE WARNING* Today we’re going to check out a quick little first-person runner game with a great soundtrack and some cool colorful effects. Super Audio Spectrum by developer Ömer Akyol may be rather simple, but what’s here is quite nice for the most part and sometimes simple is actually just right for what you’re in […]

In C#

Today we’re going to check out an “autogenous musical sandbox based on genetic algorithms” in In C# by developer Spotline. A really interesting and surprisingly deep musical sandbox/sequencer/visual interface, In C# lets you create some wonderful melodies with near-to-no effort. Go give it a try for free in your browser at the link below! Play […]

A short stroll through Lacuna Passage

Lacuna.pngI've only spent a few minutes on Mars and in the space boots of Jessica Rainer, but can already tell you that Lacuna Passage is a game worth keeping an eye out for. Especially if subtle yet tense sci-fi survival simulations with a strong story element are something that sounds intriguing to you.

The game and thus also the short demo I played through, takes place on an accurate and, more importantly, highly atmospheric version of Mars, you'll get to experience and hopefully survive in first person. Lacuna Passage raises tensions by applying clever doses of realism to its proceedings and by having you play as "the only survivor of the crashed Heracles mission, investigating the disappearance of the first ever manned mission to Mars".

To do so you'll have a variety of interesting tools at your disposal and 25 square miles of open, alien terrain to explore.

Lacuna Passage by Random Seed Games can be pre-ordered for Windows, Mac and Linux; grabbing it will also get you instant access to a short and impressive Windows-only demo.

Tale of Tales celebrates 11th anniversary with Experiments & Prototypes Bundle

Tale of Tales, creators of The Path, Luxuria Superbia, and the work-in-progress Sunset, turned 11 this year. To celebrate, they've re-released the Experiments & Prototypes Bundle from their 10th anniversary last year.

Many of the projects in this bundle are not available anywhere else, so if you want the chance to get in on some rare Tale of Tales work, you better get on it today. You can pay a minimum of $5 USD to receive the bundle, though the bundle's page defaults to a suggested price of $15 USD if you can afford it.

tot.jpgThe Tale of Tales Experiments & Prototypes Bundle comes with: The Godlove museum, Adam & Even Quake Models, The Kiss (original & remake), 8, The Endless Forest, Min & Meer, The Apartment, Ophelia, Vernanimalcula, Drama Princess, The Path (early prototype), Fatale, Groworld, The Bridge, Lost Memories, Vanitas Match 3, Bientôt l'été prototypes, and early Luxuria Superbia prototypes.

Remember: most of these games are prototypes, demos, and experiments (as referenced by the name of the bundle), so this is more of a collector's thing than a bundle of major releases. Also note that several of them are Windows-only, Mac-only, or for both Windows and Mac.

Find the full list of details, and purchase the bundle, on the Tale of Tales website.

Dys4ia by Anna Anthropy finds a new home on

YtELGo.pngThis week, Anna Anthropy released her autobiographical game Dys4ia on

You can purchase it for Windows or Mac for $5 USD, or donate more if you wish.

Dys4ia is a short, reflective collection of mini-games based on Anthropy's experiences starting hormone replacement therapy, each sequence a glimpse into different moments, decisions, and feelings encountered during those first six months.

For the better part of two years, the IGF-nominated Dys4ia could only be played on Newgrounds. Now, it is only on

If you buy Dys4ia, you will also receive Liz Ryerson's soundtrack. Find more of Liz Ryerson's game and music work on her website.

Anna Anthropy also has several other games available on

Freeware Pick: Flippin’ Phones (BlauwPrint)

The title of Flippin' Phones could be taken two ways: either as a disdainful exclamation, "Flippin' phones!" spoken by someone truly disappointed by today's digitized pasttimes, or "flipping phones," which is the actual thing you do in the game.

With arms flailing, your only goal in Flippin' Phones is to flip as many phones out of the hands of unsuspecting mallgoers as possible, in an attempt to warn them about... something. "Chocolate" was one prompt. "A leak in internet explorer" was another. "Game of Thrones spoilers."

Whatever the pressing issue happens to be that particular round, the people are always the same: stuck to their smartphones and ignorant of the world around them. And no matter how many people you manage to snap back to reality and stuff into a cardboard box in the middle of the mall (as is the safety protocol of the given emergency, I guess), the cops will always be on your tail. Saving people or not, flipping phones is still probably assault.

zPfNYV.pngWhen your character starts to sweat, it makes you vulnerable to the police, so you'll have to take brief breaks between phone-flipping to regain your composure. Or, you can jump over the cops and continue your smartphone-smashing spree one step ahead of them, though there will always be more to sneak up on you.

Flippin' Phones is really over-the-top and silly, but I ended up playing it for a while. Racking up combos destroying countless mobile devices and mall furnishings in one fell swoop is surprisingly fun.

You can download Flippin' Phones for free on Game Jolt or

Win Steam keys for Imagine Earth, Momodora III, KROMAIA

FreekeyFridaysWeek71.jpgIndieGames and FreekeyFridays brings you another set of free indie games. Freekeyfridays was created as a way to garner exposure for indies through giving away a mix of well-known indie games and up-and-coming titles.
This weeks games are: Imagine Earth - Planetary Colonization (Steam, Windows) Momodora III (Steam, Windows) and KROMAIA (Steam, Windows).

There are two ways to win:

Five sets of codes will be given for the raffle. Enter here:

Three sets of codes will be given for this Twitter contest: What is your favorite game-related holiday gift to give or receive? (Follow @Freekeyfridays and #FKF71 with response to enter)

Imagine Earth - Planetary Colonization

Momodora III


If you are a developer with an awesome game and want to be involved with Freekeyfridays, fill out this Form.